Sunday, 24 August 2008

Quick update - more details soon!

In the past 48 hours, I:

- Travelled over 20 hours by train, from Belgrade to Vienna, and back;
- Got large smiles from serbian people living in Vienna :) ;
- Found Vienna to be rather beautiful;
- Had a funny talk with two drunk guys (a viennese and a serbian), at the Lepa Brena cafe;
- Ate tones of bratwurst mit brot (!!!);
- Lost my passport in Vienna;
- Got desperate for some 15 hours;
- Spent an hour at the Police Station in Vienna, trying to make the policeman understand me in english;
- Rode all Vienna on a taxi for virtually no money at all;
- Met Kosta again, after 3 months (!!!);
- Had 12 non-stop hours of balkan and eastern european music;
- Met Max Pashm (!!!);
- Met Penny Metal (!!!);
- Saw Balkan Beat Box live (!!!);
- Saw Shazalakazoo live again (!!!);
- Met the guys from Balkanizer (!!!);
- Saw Russkaja live (!!!)
- Met a not so cool guy from Russia, that was acting more like a low rate latin lover;
- Almost exploded of happiness at 7 am, when back to the hotel I found out the police found my passport;
- Bought a rather interesting Portugal-related shirt (in Vienna!);
- Had litres of Earl Gray tea;
- Found out I can understand more romanian than I could ever imagine. And even some bulgarian too;
- Slept 10 hours on my super double bed with tones of pillow (!!!).

It's good to be back to my Belgrade :)


woodricr said...

Hahaha, oh Maria, you could make an excellent travel brochure. I really want to be doing what you're doing! :)

Keep having a great time, and I loved your most recent post (August 26)!!


Maria said...

Hmm actually I am writting some sort of travel book, about my experiences here, in eastern Europe :)

And glad to know you like it Robbie!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, respect.
Come to Berlin. there is loads of Eastern European music around. I dj this stuff regularly at This weekend at Kaffee Burger after the Russkaja gig.
I also have a record label and a radio show: You can listen via Internet.
Have requested you as myspace friend.
See you,