Friday, 26 November 2010

"Minha Belgrado" - New series!

From today on, I'll be starting a new series of posts here, for those who are visitng Belgrade now or at anytime soon: "Minha Belgrado" (meaning "my Belgrade", in Portuguese).

For "Minha Belgrado" I'm preparing a series of posts with suggestions of places to go in Belgrade, nice places for a meal or a coffee, where to go for a night out, where to go shopping for interesting items, accommodation in the city, general services and so on. It's gonna be like some sort of guide, but based on what I learned from being in Belgrade for almost 8 months in the past 3 years (2 months in 2007-08, 3 to 4 months in 2008 and 2 months in 2010): things and places I was introduced to by local friends, or things and places me and my friends discovered after a long search or even things and places I discovered by chance, while walking around the city.

Hope you people enjoy it and, most of all, hope it's useful!
And don't hesitate to send me emails if you want to know any more details on something or if you have any suggestions yourself! teteglitter at


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