Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A quick hello...

Big plans, news pretty soon.

My return to moj dragi Beorgad had to be postponed a few months, but's gonna happen, of course. Tours, car trips, parties and so on... Lots to come!

In the meantime, I keep drinking my špricer, having my burek (brought from a bulgarian shop in São Paulo, since we don't have it in Rio) and, of course, partying big time - Balkan style, of course!

Ladies and Gents: the party I produce in Rio on Brazilian television, with english subtitles!


LoOney said...

Oh wow! In Brazil? Really?! :D
It's always surprising to see things like that happening. All the music I heard in this clip is definitely something a regular Serbian guy/girl would not listen ever. Ever. It feels like the music was made for foreigners and tourists. But i'm not saying it's bad. Goran Bregovic opened many international doors for this mixture of sounds.
It's exciting to have piece of your own culture made into a party somewhere across the world.
I wish you many many successful parties like this!
When you come to Belgrade i'm buying you Burek & Jogurt. :D

Maria said...

Yes, Brazil. In Rio! :D

I just know the feeling of seeing your own culture made into a party somewhere across the globe, it's crazy! Will never forget, during my first staying in Belrgade, when I came across a brazilian themed party - I couldn't believe it! Most music played in my party here are actually western versions/remixes of some traditional stuff from Serbia and around. As funny as it may sounds, my real passion is 'starogradska muzika', mellow accordeons and things like that. And some ex-YU rock bands too :)
Thanks a lot for your wishes, mister!

And I won't forget to charge the burek and jogurt you offered once I'm back to Belgrade, haha :D

ieishah said...

the tv clip is awesome! congratulations! i'm from new york, but live in barcelona, and discovered serbia last christmas, when i went to novi sad to visit my boyfriend. i've been back twice since and every time it feels more and more like home. your stories definitely resonate!

Karl Haudbourg said...

Hello Maria,

My name is Karl Haudbourg. I'm trying to bring a better understanding of Serbia (and Serbian culture) to the world. I've seen the last video you posted on Youtube "Go East in Brazil". I found that it's really crazy to realise that people are dancing to music from Serbia, in Brazil. Writing an article about this, I would like to bring to my readers accurate information (as much as possible).

If I understand well ,you're a 24 years old half brazilian, half portuguese producer. You visited Serbia two times, in 2007 and 2008, and make the first balkan music parties in Brazil. I have some questions: How do you fall in love with Serbia and Balkan music? How many people gathered at the first Go East in Brazil and the second? I'm a bit lost, the video is from the second Go east party, no? Another question, are there many Serbs at the party at Lapa? And the latest question: the video comes from a TV show, which channel? Is it a popular channel in Braz

Best Regards,

Karl Haudbourg