Tuesday, 26 May 2009

What's the time? Kolo time! II

I guess by now everyone who reads this blog is already aware of my huuuge passion for kolo and folk dances, in general. Made a post a while ago on the basics of kolo, and a couple of videos to illustrate the post and all (you can scroll this page down for the previous post on kolo or click here)

Anyways, as people here seemed interested in kolo, here's a some videos for you guys (bear in mind we made these videos for fun only :)

This is from a couple of years ago... I had just learned how to dance it and was trying to "teach" it to a friend :)

This one is waaaay more recent: me and Chica having some fun with Čačak :D

And at last but not least, this is me and Chica again, memorising a Vlaške igre routine for a presentation:

Hehe, enjoy! :D


Lina said...

wonderful maria !!!

Mirjana said...

Great job, I was a teacher for kids and also danced in group and you are doing well. Maybe in Guca we could have more practice?


Lina said...

velika maria !!

Milijana said...

Good stuff! I'm a Serb from Australia and you're better than 99% of us!

nevenc said...


Sua dança é incrivel! Esta melhor do que 99% dos Servios.

E sempre muito bom ver alguem ama a sua cultura.

Desfrutamos a sua cultura tambem!!!!