Monday, 12 July 2010

A quick 1st update

Whenever I come to the Balkans it always takes about a week for me to sit and write my first blog entry about it. You know how it is, too much going on, too many people to see/meet, lots to do and so on. It`s beem almost two years since I last put my feet here in Serbia, so no wonder why I still didn`t manage to sit and write anything.

Anyways, here I am now!

Today is my 6th day here in Serbia. I arrived in Belgrade last tuesday, after the longest hours of my life waiting for my flight to Belgrade at the airport in Rome.

After one and a half days in Belgrade, me and my friends (Sol, Chica and Andrei) headed to Novi Sad, where we performed at the Exit Festival. It was SO, so great!! The 2 other days of festival were awesome too (pictures and videos coming soon, promise).

And today - after 3 days in Novi Sad - I`m leaving back to Belgrade. As soon as I reach my apartment there I promise to post all the pics and videos I shot so far :)

Til soon!

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