Thursday, 5 August 2010

More 2 friends over

Ju and Marina - another two friends from Brazil - arrived here in Belgrade a couple of days ago.

Sol and Chica went to pick them up at the airport but Ju and Marina showed up at the gate with a 1 hour delay: they were bringing mandioca flour from Brazil (to make a traditional brazilian side dish, called "farofa") and the airport police thought it was cocaine and held them for almost 1 hour, hahaha. They soon realised it was really flour and allowed them to go.

As soon as the girls finally arrived to our apartment we took them for a typical Serbian lunch at Srpska Kafana: sopska & srpska salata, bread, grilled meat, stuffed paprika with cheese and so on.

After lunch we took them for a walk throughout the city center: Trg Republike, Knez Mihailova and, of course, Kalemegdan.

Once in Kalemegdan we met up with Neven who, coincidently, was passing by the fortress too. Once we were all together, we decided to go for a drink at this place called Cinema*, where we watched the susnset and had some nice talking before coming back to our apartment.


*Cinema  is this really nice café-club placed in Kalemegdan, facing the Sava and Danube river. They have a nice variety of drinks (the drinks we tasted were delicious!), a nice, friendly staff and some great music concerts every now and then. I highly recommend you people to go there to have a drink while watching the sunset - it`s incredably beautiful!

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