Monday, 2 August 2010

Tango & kolo

Although we had plans to spend the day in Ada Ciganlija (more on what`s "Ada Ciganlija" later), we ended up giving it up: we read on the newspaper that the Beotango Orchestra - a band that plays tango with a balkan flavour - was gonna play for free in Kalemegdan that night.

As we reached the fortress, we realised that something far more interesting (at least more interesting to me!) was going on: Belgrade`s International Folk Dance Festival!!!

I just couldnt believe it, really. I`m a huuuge fan of folk dances in general, serbian dances more than anything.
We ran to the stage, took our seats and watched - for hours in a row - folk dance groups coming from Serbia, Belarus, Greece, Italy, Israel, Poland, Scotland, Costa Rica and so on.
I can`t put on words how special it was for me to be there, with my friends, watching all that. I will never forget it, for sure.

After the festival we went to Skadarlija, had some spritzer and then we went home.
Such a wonderful evening :))))))

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