Thursday, 1 April 2010

Travelling without moving

Slightly new look here on the blog for a new trip do Serbia real soon - I can't barely wait!

Me plus 4 or 5 friends should be arriving in Serbia on the first days july and staying almost til the end of august - it's gonna be epical! 4 out of those 6 friends had never been to Serbia before, and 3 of them had never been to the Balkans. I'm counting the days! :)

While boarding time won't come, I keep carrying some projects here to bring me closer to the Balkans in some way. The latest of these projects - with my super partner in production and DJing, Sol - is GO EAST ORKESTAR: a reunion of great musicians from Rio de Janeiro interested in playing music from all over the Balkans. The band is gonna be resident at GO EAST, the balkan music party me and Sol produce together here in Brazil, for over two years now.

So far we had two rehearsals, and I can't barely wait for the 3rd!
I leave you here with 3 videos of GO EAST ORKESTAR's first 2 rehearsals:

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Hernan said...

cool proyect tete, hope you can drope me a line sometime.