Sunday, 16 December 2007


Some photos os the past few days

Sexta feira, quando comecou a nevar

Our street, when it started snowing

Saint Sava temple. It was the coldest day we got here, I think... Despite the (little, liiiiittle snow), the sky was clear and there was even some sun :)

Essa eh pro Fecu e pros interessados em placas, haha. Abaixo, um "close-up":

Yes, it's still there...


Sunday morning :)


Valentina Let´s Go said...

vcs duas estão chiquérrimas de sobretudo. e neve combina mto mais com vcs do que praia, sol, água de coco e músicos losers made in Rio.

Hernan said...

:D fantastic pic of the white city

Robert said...

I've seen pictures of Saint Sava before, but have never been there myself, of course! The picture of the Tito bust made me laugh... :)
The Boban Markovic concert looked like it was soooo much fun, I'm really happy for you!!
Keep taking beautiful photos! :D